đŸŽ¯The Roadmap

A review of the journey we have chartered to ensure the success of ExoWorlds.

Milestones Achieved

A Launch of Many Firsts

The ExoWorlds Planetary collection of 10,000 digital assets achieved many things never before done on the VeChainThor Blockchain and many other blockchains.

1. First Procedurally Generated 10k NFT Collection

2. First 5K Resolution 10k NFT Collection

3. First Truly Random Live Reveal Mint

1.44M USDT Digital Asset Sell-Out

Our Planetarydigital assets are not layer-based profile pictures, which use a finite set of unique layers to create a large set of unique combinations for unique profiles. Our NFTs were procedurally generated in Blender / Unreal using real-life texture data and rendered for months with various GPU rigs. Every planet looks impressive and has its own lore.

ExoWorlds launched a 10,000 Planet digital collection in February of 2022, which sold out within 22 hours of the public sale. It was the largest NFT sale in the history of VeChain, but it was also one of the hardest to pull off. We believe that our holders saw the complexity of our NFTs and the care we put into crafting our original collection

The Journey Ahead

The ExoWorlds Prototype

At the beginning of 2023, ExoWorlds will launch the Metaverse Prototype to our community. With 7 months of work, we are excited to show the world the quality of gameplay we are creating. The Prototype was test launched in Blockchain Rio - the largest blockchain conference in Latin America - and was received with tremendous success. Since then, the Prototype has only improved. Its main launch will feature several custom ExoWorlds items: Gear, Weapons, Vehicles, and Characters.

Read More About the ProtoType in the Game Overview

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