đŸ§ŦPrime Genetic Identity

The 6 Prime Genetic Identities Across the galaxy form most of the life in the Verified Galaxy.

All known life currently populating the Varified Galaxy has the Human gene as part of their genetic coding. It makes up at least 40% of their composition; the human component means they have two arms and two legs, stand erect, and have capable intellects comparable to humans. While some life might have evolved beyond their original genetic designs and become more specialized in their environment, hybridized life stems from the same ancestor of humans.

Prime Genes

Primate Gene

The basic building block of humanity was kept safe and isolated. The gene for replicating human life was the top priority when it was placed into an ark that would roam the stars. No human gene was preserved; the whole of humanity would be represented no matter the color, creed, nationality, or appearance.

These seeds would be placed on planets where humans could thrive and hopefully avoid their old mistakes. Humans hoped to make a society that trived and co-existed instead of ruled and coerced.

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