A Decentralized Autonomous Organization for EXO Token Holders.

EXO holders govern the ExoWorlds DAO; it is an important institution that gives EXO holders agency over the game, its mythology, its rules, and even its development (abilities, missions, features, asset releases, and more)! The DAO has several components to it:

Governance and Agency:

The DAO allows Planet Owners to create and participate in votes that concern gameplay, game features, game

Sustainability, Giving Back:

ExoWorlds believes in a future in the stars. The future of humanity is advanced technology and space exploration, however we will never get there if we don't first start focusing on how we treat the planet and each other. Earth is our spaceship in this cosmic dance around the galaxy and universe, we must take care of her and our fellow passengers, to ensure our journey continues. Thats why one of the main pillars of ExoWorlds is Sustainability in all things. Whether thats tokenomics, the environment, game creation, or taking care of each other, we believe that sustainability is the foundation of anything great. This is why the ExoWorlds DAO has a centerpoint around giving back to good causes, and sustainable causes.

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