🌴Tropical Worlds

Everything here is trying to eat me.

Tropical Worlds are enveloped with lush rainforests and incredibly adaptive vegetation; their rich soils and massive landscapes are home to the galaxy's most great jungles and tropical zones. World rivers, so large they appear as flowing oceans when standing in their banks, can be seen from space, splitting landmasses and stretching for tens of thousands of miles. From giant fungi forests to rainforests populated by carnivorous vegetation, the vegetation of tropical planets is as astonishing as they are treacherous.

Deep cenotes the size of large cities, whose circular surface edges are lined with glistening waterfalls several kilometers tall, hold immense lakes and caverns within them. The deepest jungles of these worlds are so intense they spread throughout subterranean caverns, roots, and vines, climbing down into the abyss of continental chasms and bottomless ravines.

It is believed that these worlds were responsible for birthing grand sentient lifeforms called Gaias, a singular planet-wide living network of plant and fungal lifeforms acting as the organs and neural networks of one world-spanning organism.

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