🌋Volcanic Worlds

There is no place more wonderous than an ever changing sphere of fire, with gems that shine even brighter.

Obsidian mountains and gargantuan volcanoes are scattered throughout the scorching surface landscape of Volcanic Worlds., which range in temperature from 30 to 400 degrees. Nothing is more marvelous than the sights of lava falls and molten rivers flowing from volcano ranges. Blazing magma deltas slowly feed into glowing lava oceans.

Despite the harsh conditions, silicone-based and metallic-based lifeforms have evolved to withstand various environments and toxic atmospheres. Complex biospheres have developed with miraculous species inhabiting both the surface and the intricate subsurface environments, which comprise a majority of life diversity on these planets. Colossal crystal caverns, formed far away from lava tubes and insulated from their blasting heat, are capable of birthing entire rainforests with contained and self-sustaining water cycles.

These raging infernos of constantly churning magma are significant producers of raw materials essential for construction and progress. These features alone make them invaluable to any empire looking to expand its domain. The diverse and highly resilient life forms found on the Volcanic Worlds have developed a reputation as capable fighters and strong, excellent disciplined workers with a passion for excellence and revelry.

A few kilometers below the violent magma of the surface crystal aligned caverns and caves extend across and crisscross the planet, creating an underground society populated by a diverse and vibrant population. Vast fortunes can be made through the correct sale and management of these resource-rich planets. The hostile temperatures make them difficult to exploit, but everything generated from them is always in high demand.

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