💰DAO Treasury

The DAO draws funds from the Galactic Treasury to operate its activities.

The DAO fund is an integral part of any project as it allows for continuity of development and further community engagement. A 5% Royalty fee is currently applied to all secondary sales, and for now, the ExoWorlds Foundation is funneling the proceeds entirely into the ExoWorlds DAO. That's right; all Secondary Market Royalties have always gone 100% into the DAO wallet!

The public address of the Treasury Wallet

Treasury Uses

The DAO Treasury holds all of the DAO's funds and assets and has 4 principal functions to maximize the value of the ecosystem:

Buying up stagnant/low-priced ExoWorlds on the marketplace helps sustain floor prices. It opens up NFTs for community giveaways, competitions, charitable auctions, and in-game tournaments for players.

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