🧊Icy Worlds

Icy Worlds are known for their serene landscapes and deadly blizzards.

The snowy climates of the Icy Worlds can be as formidable as scorching hellscapes, with violent blizzards and thundering hail storms that make some regions uninhabitable. Ferocious geysers, which can be seen erupting beyond the horizon, form the center of thermic oases where sprawling surface ecosystems thrive.

Towering glaciers become icy cliffs upon meeting deep arctic oceans, which contain diverse subsurface ecosystems of marine creatures. Below the water's surface, these glaciers form spectacular underwater ice caves that extend and connect. From snowy tundras and frosted plains to alpine regions surrounding snowy mountain ranges, these worlds display some of the most expansive and serene landscapes in the galaxy - if you can weather the sub-zero temperatures.

These spheres of ice are deceptive at first glance. With a barren landscape of pure white, the planet itself glows like a diamond as it reflects the light of nearby stars. Yet underneath the surface, the deep warm waters are home to some of the most diverse life in the galaxy.

The planet's biodiversity could make for prime real estate, yet it's beneath even the deep waters. Where the powerful vents of magma constantly churn out heat to keep the waters liquid that draws attention. These powerful sources of energy and resources are highly desired and constantly fought over. It is these that make the Icy Worlds a precious commodity.

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