🔧Crafting & Enchanting

Upgrading and Enchanting Items is a central part of gameplay in ExoWorlds.


There will be a range of items that players will have to craft to help their journey in the ExoWorlds Metaverse. Players will have to obtain the resources and skill level necessary to craft those items.

Some Items will be unique to crafting - the only way to obtain them would be through a complicated tree of materials and recipes. We want players to be able to showcase that their item is a combination of dedication and creation, which means that uniquely crafted items will also feature skins for the players that have created them.


Items can be Enchanted, making them more potent and more durable. Upgrading a variety of other stats associated with them. Important to note that all enchantments are progressive, not singular. However, to battle against overpowering gear that might feel unfair, the higher the enchantment is, the more expensive it becomes and the fewer positives it grants.

Players can also store them in a gem and sell them. An enchantment is done by an Enchanter, found at the Titan Citadel. Their costs will vary depending on what enchantment you wish to create and the taxes at the Citadel.

Gear Enchantments

Gear Items will have various stats that players can enchant; not all items are enchantable, and players will have to decide which enchantments they prefer as they do not stack infinitely.

  • Durability: The durability enchantment will give you a more prolonged use of the item.

  • Armor: Increases your defense stats so that you take less damage.

  • Damage Reflect: Reflects a portion of damage to the inflicted.

  • Quickness: Increases your movement speed.

  • Ability Bonus: Improves the stats of your abilities and/or increases their durations.

  • Effects: Enchant various added effects to your gear.

Weapon Enchantments

Weapons will also have a plethora of stats, and players will be able to enchant some of them, depending on the kind of weapon. A few example enchantments include:

  • Durability: The durability enchantment will give you a more prolonged use of the item you use.

  • Damage: The amount of damage your weapon deals per unit of ammo or per swing in the case of melee weapons.

  • Rate of Fire: How fast ranged weapons can fire per second.

  • Swing Rate: How fast you can attack with a melee weapon per second.

  • Range: Maximum distance your weapon can still do damage.

  • Reload Speed: How fast you can reload your ranged weapon.

  • Overheat Cooldown: Attacking with a melee weapon builds your overheat bar; once at maximum, the player will have to wait before attacking again. The Overheat Cooldown enchantment reduces this wait time.

  • Effects: Enchant various added effects to your weapon.

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