⏳The Verified Timeline

The Verified Timeline was established in 1658 B.W by The Great Unification of Empires.

The Great Silence

400,000,000 to 100,000,000 BW

The first wave of sentient life dawns on the galaxy, soon forming civilizations and galactic civilizations that span a few hundred million years. Very little is known about these primordial beings and societies since they vanished without a trace - leaving behind only relics, ring-worlds, anomalies, and advanced technology. It is believed that XenoMorph Scourge (XenoScourge for short?) around the galaxy directly results from their scientific experiments.


6,000,000 - 1,000,000 Years Before Warp

Galactic Origin

6,000,000 to 3,000,000 B.W

The Age of Origin is the beginning of Galactic History and marks the spontaneous evolution of sentient races and intelligent life across the galaxy.​

The Emergence Era

1,000,000 - 4,000 Years Before Warp

The Fundamental Age

1,000,000 to 16,000 B.W

The first nomadic civilizations are born in their respective stone age. Language becomes more complex, tool usage expands, and the latest significant developments of each species' respective behavioral evolution are defined.

The Solar Era

4,000 - 1,200 Years Before Warp

The Colonial Age

4,000 to 2,400 B.W

Civilizations spread throughout their respective solar systems to gather more resources and expand. A golden age of pre-warp technological advancements dawns across the galaxy. Civilizations create the first concrete steps toward future sciences: Sub-luminal space travel, the sciences, quantum engineering, and advanced applied sciences.

Significant Innovations: Digital Sentience, Space Elevators, Bio-Engineering, Digital Sentience, Nano-Tech, Molecular Engineering, and Phase Technology, and Digital Sentience is Achieved.

The Interstellar Era

1,200 Before Warp - 7,827 Year After Warp

The Dyson Age

1,200 - 52 B.W

Dyson rings, then spheres, are developed to support the energy requirement of each system-wide civilization. Civilizations explore interstellar space and colonize the nearest solar systems adjacent to them. The rapid evolution of digital sentience and synthetic beings occur during this age, giving rise to various outcomes of biological/synths relationships and politics.

Major Inventions: Dyson rings, Dyson Spheres, and Dyson Swarms.

The Transdimensional Era

6,217 A.W - Present (8,182 A.W)

The Quantum Age

6,217 A.W - 7,827 A.W

The final stage is understanding energy states and primary control of fundamental forces. Civilization enters the quantum age, with communication now simultaneous despite vast distances; civilization grew closer. While communications were simultaneous at that point, crossing the immense distance in space was still several generations away.

Transportation of goods and services across several empires and colonies did become more accessible to track as reports of location and situation were relayed in real-time. And as the universe grew smaller in terms of communications, great minds focused on engineering the significant problem of distance in space.

Folding Space

The first step towards crossing great distances became pinpointing energy at a great distance. Folding space would be pointless if every time it was used; it opened at a random location. As such, scientists spun an electron and found the corresponding location successfully; the hard part came.

Energy and Costs

The first attempts to create a hole in time and space were unfathomably expensive, and the elements required to build it were almost impossible to find. It took several generations to compile the needed materials, and once it was done, the gargantuan machine was placed next to a dying star. The machine that would fold space and time would use the energy of the star to open the portal, and once the button was pressed, a sphere tearing vast distances laid open; the universe millions of light years away had just become a day's travel.

Although the technological advancements were transcendental, the technology was expensive, requiring vast fortunes, and in some cases, the technology was abandoned since it could bring entire planets to ruin.

Over the span of 2000 years, experiments and refinements were performed to make the technology accessible both for military applications and commercial applications. It was due to the discovery of ExoDust, a trans dimensional concentrate harvested at the event horizon of a black hole. Now with the element in hand, the technology available, and entire empires mining the rare element, instant galactic travel at planetary scales were possible.

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