đŸĒ™Galactic Credits - GCRED

$GCREDs is the main in-game currency, players will be able to play and earn Galactic Credits as well spend their earnings on assets to evolve their gameplay.


$GCRED, or Galactic Credits, are the most critical financial unit of the galaxy. They will be used for almost every In-Game purpose and earned through gameplay in various ways. However, a game currency with real-world value introduces the risk of Pay-to-Win

What steps are being taken to prevent ExoWorlds from being a Pay-to-Win game?

The most effective way to curb Pay-to-Win on a game of this scale is to implement level and gameplay requirements. A user with lots of money may easily purchase the best spaceship in the game, but will he be able to use it? Gameplay requirements can be anything from completing certain quests and missions or achieving certain milestones on their scoreboard.

Although $GCRED has an infinite max supply, there is a mixture of utility mechanisms in place to control it. Here we will discuss all the ways users can earn and use $GCRED.

Earning $GCRED

Play-and-Earn Rewards

Players can utilize almost any facet of gameplay to earn $GCRED; participating in the ecosystem is its own reward. This means that practically any way players decide to interact with the game will yield them In-Game tokens.

  • Killing other Players or NPCs.

  • Gathering resources.

  • Acquiring In-Game Digital Assets.

  • Completing Missions & Quests.

  • Rising in Faction Ranks.

  • Discovering New Areas.

  • Successfully Raiding Planets.

  • Many more are coming as game development continues.

Staking ExoDust

Depending on Wallet Tier and Staking length, players can earn varying amounts of $GRED by staking $EXO. See the staking table. Token holders will be able to vote on $GCRED inflation mechanics.

Galactic Credit Utility

Fueling NFTs

$GCRED will be used in the game in order to activate NFT game assets. Each of the assets will need $GCRED locked inside them to function. This $GCRED will be consumed while locked and if the NFTs are used. Users can unlock their funds at any moment, rendering their items inactive. This will create a TVL for ExoWorlds, further creating positive price pressure on $EXO and increasing the value of the ecosystem as a whole.

SFX and VFX Cosmetics

Inside the Galactic Arenas players will be able to exchange $GCRED in order to receive cosmetics such as ammo tracers or different sounds for guns. These cosmetics will also eventually extend to the Open World MMORPG.

Quests, Special Areas, Services

Access to particular areas will incur fees in the same way that using special transport services or NPC services will cost $GCRED. Some quests may also have down payments or prerequisite items that will be bought using $GCRED.

Purchasing Perks, Shields and Potions

In Galactic Arenas and the Open World MMORPG users will be able to purchase perks, shield and potions with $GCRED. Doing this will boost gameplay for those who grind $GCRED and want to spend it in meaningful ways.

Unlocking Skills and Abilities

Character species, factions, and themes have unique abilities and skills to evolve. A Lizard-Solarpunk Character in the Tritan faction will have an entirely different set of abilities than a Mecha Dystopian in the Velesian faction. Unlocking Skills and Abilities will require the use of $GCRED.

C2E Staking

For players looking for more competitive gameplay, the ExoWorlds Metaverse will be home to several modes of competition. Entering these competitions will cost $GCRED, and that cost will be forwarded to the prize pool.

In-Game NPC Transactions

2.5% of Non-Player Transactions are sent to the ExoWorlds DAO, responsible for community initiatives like sponsoring free-to-play competitions, giveaways, and other community events.

In-Game P2P Transactions

96.5% of Player Transaction Value, such as in player stores, is forwarded to players.

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