Vehicles are paramount to player movement around the galaxy.

Vehicle Types

Vehicles will also be featured in the game, with players using them for various purposes. Vehicles are split into two big categories, Landcrafts and Spacecrafts.

Vehicle Categories

Landcrafts will be able to transport players only where there is solid ground. They will often hover over the ground and are able to reach great speeds. They come with various utilities, and storage space, and can be upgraded and customized to the users liking. In general, Landcrafts are not as versatile or as strong as Spacecrafts.

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Each category has a different model, along with different functionality. Gravbikes, for example, will be quick and allow players to scout certain areas, giving excellent mobility. A battle-cruiser is slow but very powerful.

We want players to feel the different identities that each Vehicle can have. To express those different identities, modular modifications will be available on each Vehicle that will change functionality and look.

Players can have different weapons, platings, and even abilities on their Vehicles, depending on the type. These different options are called Mods.

Mod Examples

  • Quantum Rockets

    • Rockets that instantly teleport near their target before striking.

  • Laser Rain

    • Laser shots are fired at the enemy craft, causing fire damage.

  • Improved Hull

    • Reduce status effect chances.

  • Skybooster

    • Increase speed for a few seconds while also dealing damage to a vehicle.

Mods will be heavily customizable through paints, having signatures and slight variations in sizes and shapes.

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