🌊Ocean Worlds

I know there's something swimming down there. I'm scared of how hungry it might be.

Ocean Worlds are planets of boundless water with unfathomable depths.

Their gigantic oceans, seemingly simple at their surface, are scattered with an array of complex mid-ocean ridge systems of unparalleled scale. Surrounding these ubiquitous seamounts are vividly beautiful regions of dense aquatic vegetation that serve as cradles of life. Systems of connected underwater caverns birth entire ecosystems that are shielded from the dangers of the open sea. Outside these regions, as the ocean floors slope down into the abyssal plains, the landscape becomes vast and barren underwater deserts where life is few and far between.

Periodically, hydrothermal vents create the perfect zones for extremophiles and other life to survive the cold icy depths. Ultimately, the ocean floor meets the void of deep trenches where bioluminescent predators lurk in the dark, luring their prey with light.

Located close to a star, these planets primarily comprise a liquid. H2O is one of the most common Ocean World planets, yet others are composed of liquid methane and other elements in a liquid state. The surface is an ever-churning storm of rain and gigantic tidal waves. Underneath the ocean surface, life is abundant. The creatures here make grand cities underneath the waves. Some even manage to become space-faring and planet colonizers.

The beautiful yet unforgiving planet made up of liquid with a solid center placed under unbelievable pressure creates unique materials used to create advanced technologies or construction. The elements created here are unique to each planet and their primary liquid component.

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