The Verified Galaxy hold the secrets of countless modern worlds, thousands of eons and lightyears apart.

The genesis of our cosmic opera and the life it holds is a story in its second iteration. While it is unknown what apocalyptic event unfolded and ended the first attempt to recreate the universe, it is known that it ended in fire.

The Verified Timeline

The Verified Timeline is the official Historical Reference for the Cosmic Federation, it holds all civilian data on the interstellar history of over 25 thousand worlds. The verified Timeline details the development of civilizations and rise and falls of galactic empires. Historians are constantly searching ancient ruins and primordial relics for traces of unknown history.

Prime Genertic Identity

All advanced civilizations in the Verified Galaxy belogns to one of the 6 Prime Genetic Lines, inherited from the Primordial Interstellars. Elite Cosmic Federation Citizens have access to genetic therapies not available to the public, containing specialized Prime Genes that allow beings to utilize transdimensional energy. The genes are highly sought after and are not easily gained. It is said that pure genetic composition, if ever achievable, would unlock the mysteries of the Primordials.

Xenomorph Scourge

The XenoMorph scoruge is a deadly network of parasitic creatures inbued with trasndimensional genetic powers, which allows them to mutate adaptively and communicate between cosmic distances at FTL speeds. They have brought down entire worlds and even empires with their insidious scourge of beasts and biological contaminants.

Ancient Interstellars

The Galaxy has seen the rise and fall of countless civilizations, but the Ancient Interstellars were the first empires and alliances to bring together the entire galaxy into politically, commercially, and culturally unified identiries. These titan regimes raised themselves out of isolationism as feeble planets during the beginnings of the warp age. By the end of the Warp Age, these regimes had expanded moderately and wisely, choosing their alliances carefulyl and gathering vital intel. It was only during the Age of Cosmic Conflict that these regimes rose to hights never seen before in Verified History untill the Cosmic Federation.

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