👾Xenomorphic Threat

It... I don't know what else to call it... the monstrosity tore through alloy doors like paper, it entered the room, I don't. I can't describe it, legs, eyes, teeth, it stabbed Lorac and took him.

Initial Contact

There have been reports from the outer rim and edges of space. Regardless of the era, who ruled the Verified Galaxy, or even how powerful they were, all accounts were similar. Something made its way onto a ship, it murdered the crew and disappeared leaving no trace of its existence. There is a vast emptiness between universes at the end of matter. While claiming that space is devoid of known life, it does not mean that it is lifeless.

This life beyond our understanding seems only to know hunger, as our records show that the only thing that remains of crews are their lifeless bodies. Space captains and ship crews are hesitant or do not speak about these monsters, and when they do, the xenomorphs are spoken of as if they are a myth or legend. Yet deep space explorers know they are out there, and the claws and teeth wait.

Several attempts over the eons have been made to reach out and establish contact. The species is known to be attracted to the energy output of trans-dimensional waves. The creatures do not travel in ships and seem to emerge from the darkness. Signs of their presence are small whisps of smoke that form from shadows and reach out toward the light just before the xenomorph emerges from nothing. Whenever encountered, there have been efforts to communicate to see if the monsters have any rationale, but until now, nothing, only its hunger, and violence.

Xenomorph Capture and Study

It required several eons and thousands of lives, but several were captured.

During the significant expansion, outposts would encounter the alien menace more frequently. What was once a statistical improbability would become a probable occurrence. The problem grew to the point where the Gladiator Guild and the Science and Research guild leadership decided to cooperate and use experimental technology to capture one of these atrocities.

The squad was equipped with special plasma rounds composed of some of the densest materials available (these rounds were the precursor to modern-day energy weapons). The weapon proved more than a match for the aliens' and helped with the aliens' capture.

Responding to the latest report of the alien attack, the guilds had sent a recently upgraded elite squad to capture or kill. Though no easy task and having lost several lives, the crew captured a few of these monsters in makeshift Faraday cages to prevent the xenomorphs from escaping to their unknown home.

An Understood Threat

The captures allowed for the study of alien biology. Science and Research studied its biological makeup and were shocked to find a lifeform capable of rapid adaptation. That explained why previous reports never described features since the creatues could simply change their forms at will. The aliens could shapeshift and create dangerous blades from within their bodies. Blades so strong they could rip holes in reinforced spacecraft's reinforced carbon steel hulls.

A disturbing feature was reported by the scientists studying the monsters as they would transform into the nightmarish shapes of the things the staff feared. In this form, they would always message the scientists' minds about how tasty they were. The aliens only saw us as nourishment and things they could hunt and torment. They wanted to feed on life; our universe was teaming with it.

Centuries of studies and exposure to thousands of researchers in the guild made the aliens' life adopt a solid form. Three distinct forms first anemic colorless and tall creature with multiple appendages that each ended with barbed tips. A second more humanoid creature with an exposed exoskeleton, great bat-like wings. And a third hulking monstrosity that combined the features of the torso of a toad, the legs of an alligator, and the spikes of a spike-crested lizard.

Figures they determined to be disturbing to several Genetic lines as primal fear, and they were right. Not long after, the monstrosities escaped when the hulking creature inflated its torso till it brought down the cage around him, allowing them to escape the facility and the dimension.

The Increasing Waves

The aliens now increasingly enter our dimension yet still target the outposts. Finding that century of study by Science and Research brought fruit in the shape of energy weapons that work very well against their biology. The increased skirmishes have current thinkers theorizing that the aliens have made their settlements on an unknown planet or comet where they stalk the outposts and early settlements.

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