💸Resources & Trading

The Economic Landscape of the Galaxy is shaped by the invisible hands of ExoWorld Holders.

Galactic Resources

These resources will be acquired to set up industrial assets, helper units, and military units, as well as upgrade each of them. Industrial Assets will be needed to acquire the Core resources and produce refined, industrial, and advanced resources. In turn, all of these resources will be used to create more Units and Assets.

Core Resources

  • Liquid

  • Alloy

  • Minerals

  • Crystals

Refined Resources

  • Tritium

  • Organic Metal

  • Liquid Crystals

Industrial Resources

  • Energy

Advanced Resources

  • Nanobots

Digital Asset Resources

Some rare materials and resources will be made as digital assets, which will provide a range of bonuses and unlock special content in both the Galactic Strategy Game as well as the Open World MMORPG. Currently, there are 3 NFT resources:

  • Strange Matter

  • Xanium

  • S-134


Trading will be a reliable way to quickly aggregate needed resources for industry building or forming armies. While you may have strong production of one or a few resources, your allies or trade partners might have such products in other resources.

Trading between regular planets without a political designation (See Interstellar Politics) will incur a 0.8 - 1.6% fee based on the trade distance. Suppose the trade was made solely of resources and items. In that case, a value will be calculated based on the Galaxies Table of Values which is a dynamic table of average prices for all items and resources in the galaxy.

The trading time between regular planets without a political designation will be 4 Days per Galactic Distance (150,000 Light Years). Distances in the ExoWorlds Metaverse and Galactic Strategy Game will be measured in Light Years with the option to convert in travel time or Galactic Distances. When executing trades, the exact distance, duration of the trade, and the trading fee will be displayed in the Trade UI.

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